Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Evolution Of Teaching And The Beginning Of Something Cooler [Slide]

Teaching Coolest pic by JadeGordon!

Teaching in universities and schools have been changing a little bit, but now that change is getting a boost. Here is a presentation slide that explain everything. The news and media are saying that a lot of cool stuff are coming!

What's your thoughts about teaching evolution?

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Friday, January 7, 2011

How To Upload Your Website Files With A FTP Tool [Video]

Here is a quick cool video tutorial on how to set up and upload your website files to your web hosting server with a FTP tool:

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Top 10 Coolest Video Games Kids Wanted On Christmas

If you really want to know that gave your kids the best and coolest video games last Christmas, that video game most be in the top 10 list, if not... Well, I hope you they understand that the intention is what matters.

OK, blah blah, here is the list of the most wanted games for on 2010, I hope 2011 have a good selection like the one below:
  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops. This is game is one of the best COD on the market, It didn't go over with too many new features or anything like that, but the campaign mode have a great story and the action was top. Available for the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.
  2. Just Dance 2. This one is full of great interaction and a great play list of more than 40 songs featuring tracks from Rihanna, PussyCat Dolls, and many more. Available for the Wii.
  3. Donkey Kong Country Returns. My kids love this VG, they developers didn't get me down, they have created a very cool time waster :o) Just kidding! if you have a Wii, you nee to put this one on your wish list.
  4. Disney Epic Mickey. Another great add on for your Wii collection. I don't care if critiques give this one an average rating... My kids, I, and their friend give this VG a solid 9!
  5. Michael Jackson The Experience. If you are a fan of the King Of Pop like we are, you are going to love this one, even the Wii critiques gave MJ the maximum level. One word, AWESOME!...
  6. Mario Kart Wii with Wheel. This VG is all about super fun... You gonna get addicted to this one for sure, even if you suck at driving :o)
  7. Kinect Sports. I have to give it to the dudes at Microsoft and their Xbox 360 team, they really brought a new innovative way to play video games just like the Wii did for us a few years back, and this installment is very cool. So if you have an Xbox, you have to get your hand on the Kinect, you gonna love it!
  8. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. This VG is one of those that are just plain cool! Love of the previews parts and this one gave us a new way to play killer! Available for the Xbox.
  9. New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This game is the update we all were waiting for it, this time they really hit the jock pot. Awesome adventure and lots of fun for kids.
  10. uDraw Studio - Game Tablet. If you have little children that love to draw and color, let me tell you , they are going to love this one... About time Wii think about the little ones.
Do you think I miss some great games? Please let me know just post them in the comment box below.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

SEO Fight: Who Are The 10 Coolest Guys On The Search Results

By Free Internet Marketing and SEO Tips.

Here Are The 10 Coolest Guys On The Search Result Keeping The SEO Fight For The Number One Spot and My Competition!

Coolest Guy On The Planet
The problem with this competition is that every marketer on that first page are using paid resources, black hat SEO tactics, and one way back links from other establish sites that they own or from friend sites, which is OK.

The problem with that picture is that none of those techniques can be use by an Internet marketing beginner trying to start or promote there online business on a low or zero budget.

That's why I created this blog to focus on proven free SEO tactics that can be use by any new or experience online marketer that has a slack of investing money.

If you are new to the world of search engine optimization and marketing i recommend you to read three of my article at the Free Internet Marketing Tips Blog. Below are the links to the article and a sneak peak:

1. - 22 SEO Tips: Blogspot Blogs Basics.

"SEO for static websites needs more hard work and even some investment to make it search engine friendly and send it to the top of organic results on Google
or any of the top website finding tools. But, it's not complicated!

Now when we talk about blogs specially blogspot blogs the job becomes a little bit easier for many reasons, like: Blogs can be easy turn into content rich sites, Google love up to date blogs (remember, Up To Date), blogspot coding is already..."

2. - SEO Success Factors.

"SEO or search engine optimization (for long), is simply the Internet marketing
strategies or techniques not only to get your website or blog listed in the
search engines, but to secure a top position for a search term or keyword phrase
that is closely related to your web content or niche. I know, many of you
already know this, but I have to explain it again because most of my visitors
are beginners in the subject of online marketing and search marketing for that

To have every single search engine optimization effort really paid off, your search marketing plan needs to have a good foundation that includes a list of factors that will increase the chances of your success. Remember that SEO it's not just about getting high search engine ranking for any keywords, SEO is about gaining..."

3. - Video: Link Building Top Secrets.

"Remember that content is design to retain and build a loyal readers, and link
building is what shows the search engines how important your website or blog
really is, the more one way links means better search ranking and higher position on natural search results.

Many marketers try to tell you that most of this basic strategies are top secrets, when the fact is that every online marketer beginners and advanced need to..."

So, Who Are The 10 Coolest Guys On The Planet.

I decide to list each of this Internet guys (the coolest on earth) by real name or site name and also show you the title tag that appears on the search results on Google. The phrase "Coolest Guy On The Planet" will be replace with CGOTP to avoid saturation of this phrase on this blog post. Well, here it is:

1. - Jonathan Leger.
CGOTP - Jonathan Leger.

2. - Brad Fallon. The man that started this contest, now is number 2 & 3.
SEO Expert, Brad Fallon - StomperNet and other SEO Experts.

3. - Brad Fallon.

4. - Russell Brunson.

5. - Mike Filsaime.
The CGOTP - SEO Experiment - By Mike Filsaime.

6. - James Schramko.
CGOTP - James Schramko CLICK HERE.

7. - Peter Drew. Using a free blog from Blogger.
CGOTP Peter Drew: CGOTP.

8. - Kevin John Lewis.
The CGOTP - Coolest SEO Guy UK.

9. - A site about Jonathan Leger, created by an affiliate PotPieGirl using Squidoo.

10. - Call himself CGOTP on his blog, no real name here.
The CGOTP SEO Tips, Tricks and Techniques.

Who you think doesn't deserved to be listed here? Is OK to tell us, just use the comment link below to submit your response.

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- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. New Version.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Coolest Free SEO Tips Podcast For Beginners

From Luis Galarza - Affiliate Marketing Secret Guide

Listen To The Coolest SEO Tips Podcast That Has Some Good Insides About Search Engine Optimization For Beginners?

Is always good to have someone tell you the strategies instead of you reading it, you can get the information in your head faster. That's why I want to refer to my post "Free SEO Podcast For Beginners" where I give complete information about this online event where one of my blogging friends Jeffro from Jeffro2pt0 talks about how he implemented the SEO strategies that he learn online.

Yeah, he is a SEO beginner that can really teach some good basics stuff that work. So, go head and check my blog post for the details.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Coolest Guy Free SEO Tip: Increase Robot Visits

From Luis Galarza - Affiliate Marketing Secret Guide

If You Increase Search Engine Robot Visits It Will Boost Rank?

The expert say a big YES to that question. The value of fresh original content for the web is highly appreciated by search engines robots, and they will indeed visit your web site or blog more often which will boost your ranking and search result exposure.

I'll be updating this post later after I post a good detail article about content creation, creativity, automatic updates ideas to help you maintain a good blog or site full of fresh quality content.

All the best,

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Coolest Guy On Planet: Luis Galarza Feeling The Coolest

From Luis Galarza The Coolest Guy On The Planet - SEO Help Experiment

Now I Feel Like The Coolest Guy On The Planet!

So, why all the exitement about been the coolest guy on the planet... simple because now I am the coolest guy on the planet because my newborn daughter and all my kids makes me feel just like that. Yeah, my four little ones are something else, and for them I'm always the coolest guy on earth.

Why? Well, my kids and their friends love being with me because I am a crazy grown up that likes to play with them get dirty if I have to, get wet, and I always invent new crazy games for them to play...

I going to do my best to keep my "coolest guy on the planet title" with all my kids and with new little one Miss Kiana Galarza. The coolest thing will be for her to try to say "Papa, coolest guy on planet, goo goo gaa gaa!" :) that will be so cool...

Well, little Kiana was almost 8 pounds and I think the way she eats, which by the way is just like me, she will be 10 pounds in no time. I hope she doesn't grow too fast and too tall like her big sister who is 9 years old right now. She is going to be huge! Which is not good for girls, well only models. But, she's not going to be a model... I hope.

Yeah my 9 years old she always tell me that I'm "the coolest guy on the planet" with a good reason, she knows that I like to spend a lot of time with her and the other little rascals, play and have a lot of fun.

So, now you can see why me Luis Galarza feel like...

The Coolest Guy On The Planet or The Coolest Guy On The Universe!

Sorry no, SEO or Search Engine Optimization free tips today, but I got some good ones for tomorrow... Like how to get link with the power of superman.

More about that tomorrow...

All the best,

Luis E Galarza
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